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Q: How do you minister to children?

​​A: We have a Children’s Sunday school during the 10:00 service. During our corporate worship at 11:00, we encourage children to worship together with their parents throughout the entire service. However, if you or your children are not accustomed to family-integrated worship, we are happy to provide nursery service as needed. ​

Q: What kind of music do you have?

A: We do a variety of music from old to new hymns, choruses, psalms, and other spiritual songs. Our primary goal in our music is to train one another in the important truths of the faith. As we strive for excellence in all things, our priority is glorifying God and edifying one another through congregational singing. 

Q: What kind of leadership do you have?


A: We believe in a plurality of elders (or pastors) who are mutually submissive to each other, serve the congregation, and are accountable to the body. We also believe in the biblical role of deacons as servants to the needs of the congregation. 

Q: What is your future location?


A: We own a piece of property on Stewart Lane in Louisville, TN. We are hoping, praying, and planning to build a church building within the next few years and transition to our permanent location there. ​

Q: What is your membership process? 


A: We require a membership class that consists of six weeks, taught by an elder of our church. During that period we will also conduct a membership interview, ask you your testimony, and ask for your understanding of the gospel. At that point, we will announce to the congregation your intention to join the church. The congregation will take two weeks to pray for you and ask any relevant questions during that time. After that, we will bring you before the congregation and have you agree verbally to our church covenant. 

Q: How do you observe the Lord's Supper? Is it open to visitors?


A: We would hold to what could best be described as "close communion." We believe our observation of communion is open to all Christians, not just members of Calvary Community Church. That being said, we believe communion is for those who are baptized believers in good standing with a local church. In other words, we believe the unrepentant (whether believer in Christ or not) should not partake in communion. ​

Q: What are your requirements for baptism? 


A: We are credobaptists, which means we baptize only those who confess their faith and repentance in Christ. Those being baptized will give a testimony of their salvation for the church as we rejoice with you during your baptism. We do not have an age requirement for baptism, although we do encourage parents to be discerning with their children as we work together on a case-by-case basis with children who are still in the parents' home. For more information on the ordinances from a baptistic (and biblical!) perspective, please see chapters 27-30 of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. ​

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